Shawty is preparing to launch two smart phones with a camera popup

Use the giant Chinese Shao during the coming period to launch two of the possible versions of smart phones, that applies to every phone you chip Snapdragon processor 855 with the design of the pop-up camera front.

Xiaomis two-Snapdragon-855 phones-with-pop-out-cameras

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Support the company Shao all of my phone Mi Mix 3 5G MI 9 chip Snapdragon processor 855, except that the new leaks published through developers XDA in which he emphasized the company plans to launch two versions of the new chip Snapdragon processor 855, with both phones now with the code my davinci وraphael.

Also indicate leaks XDA that both phones special design camera front-end the pop-up, to come camera design mechanical supports out camera pop-up automatically that the application is opened the cable car, to be an alternative to the slider is possible for Mi Mix 3.

Also other features available for the phone design and tires too skinny in the perimeter of the screen with the size of the lower frame of the bottom of the company, also comes both phones and large-screen size, including features the compact footprint on the screen as in the phone Mi9.

Definitely still a lot of the specifications of the two phones is not yet clear, so we should expect more leaks about the handset to get to know more details about the versions of Shao.


I know of

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