Shawty is preparing to launch a new phone with a camera 48 megapixel in January!

Earlier this year she opened Shao Department of internal development of cameras, smart phones, and promised the Chinese company raising camera phones to the highest degree of quality and precision, we have already seen a significant improvement in the performance of the phones Xiaomi in terms of the camera in the recent amendments, but the resolution of the camera is not top or best. And now we are in front of the news camera phone is strictly 48 megapixel of Shao!

According to the latest reports, the president of the Shawnee and co-founder of “Lin Bin” test camera new phone amounted to accuracy, 48 megapixel, The “between” to publish a picture that describes the accuracy of the camera of the new phone, which from the perspective of its issuance in January 2019, commented “Not bad”.

These new precision very rare so much so that there’s only a sensor with this accuracy can be used company Shao one, two Sony IMX586 which was announced in July last, the sensor Samsung GM1 48MP which was announced in October, and each of them contains a very large number of pixels that measure up every one of them to 0.8 microseconds, and uses this kind of sensors binnnig pixels to improve image quality, but the number of pixels associated with the also allow almost digital quality.

We already saw sensor similar to this millions master, strictly 40 megapixel in Huawei Mate 20 Pro, and used the police unit telephoto dedicated to overcome the number of pixels is huge, the resort Shawnee to provide similar or use some techniques of artificial intelligence to raise the quality of the image.

Finally, the information available about the new phone is very limited and does not even know his name, so we can only wait until she has a vision during the coming days.

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