Shawty fire because Mint on store Google Play

شاومي تُطلق لانشرها Mint على متجر قوقل بلاي

I have a company that shawty a distinctive style which can be a big adjustment for any user used to a different version of Android, and if you remember with the launch of the company for its Poco F1, the company filed one or interface of the new driver, and now the company decided to convert this car as a standalone application store Google Play has carried the name of the Mint Launcher.

The more worthy a reference as far the moment this car is not available on any phone, it is still in the stages of the first pilot, but any user can get it via File. APK, generally in relation to advantages next to him, he is like any one else, where he supports icons packs effects of development, gestures and app drawer, which in turn discharges the application automatically.

Completely as the operational interface coming with the phone Poco F1, with an additional feature of adding a button on the main screen where with can clear cache with one click, finally didn’t know or talk Shawty phones that will support this app, but without a doubt it will be available on all Android devices regardless of the brand, as we pointed out previously as Mint is not currently available on any phone, but to try it you can download file the APK from here.

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