Shawty begin the launch of Android update 9 Bai for Mi A1

The gate Arab News Technical The Gate Arab News Technical

Company started Shawty now launch update Android 9 Bai for Mi A1 announced by early September 2017 as the first smartphone from the Chinese company by the Android raw, it belongs to the phones “Android Wen” that get Android updates faster than other phones.

The phone Mi A1 have got the end of the month of December 2017 to update Android 8 Oreo, and now after a year here is the phone gets an update to Android 9 Bai, which was launched by Google early last August.

It is more new that gets them the phone with the Update Mode “Do Not Disturb” Do Not Disturb, new, dashboard, Dashboard, Battery Adaptive Adaptive Battery, and Navigation, brightness, automatic Adaptive Brightness.

In the screen shot published on the internet, it appears that the size of the update informs 1047 MB Wichita.

The gate Arab News Technical Shawty begin the launch of Android update 9 Bai for Mi A1

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