Shaw identified the 24 of April for a conference Redmi Y3

A new version of the smart phones offers from Shawnee on 24 of April, where the company identified this material for the official announcement about the phone Redmi Y3.

Redmi Y3 event

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The company launched the Shawty teaser new phone Redmi Y3, which applies at its next conference this month, where the phone comes with a camera Silva characteristic sensor 32 mega-pixel camera, according to the teaser.

It also reveals a teaser of the phone on the protrusion of the waterdrop at the screen, where projections indicate that this version comes to the design differs from the previous version Redmi Y2, it also comes phone Redmi Y3 to the highest specifications in the camera selfie made from the Shao in its smart phones until now, where it came to phone Mi Mix 3 during the recent period sensor Silva strictly 24 mega pixel camera.

Also expected to be featuring a phone Redmi Y3 sensor ISOCELL GD1 from Samsung, which supports technology Quad-Bayer to support the production of images with 8 mega pixel camera or the quality of HDR in real-time for a change, so we expect new leaks reveal the design of this version until the official announcement.


I know of

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