Sharp announces phone Aquos R2 Compact built camera bump button of the screen

شارب تعلن عن هاتفها Aquos R2 Compact بنتوء للكاميرا ونتوء لزر الشاشة

Detection electronics company, famous, mustache, unveiled her new Aquos R2 Compact which comes a succession of phone by last year’s Aquos R Compact. Which comes on the non-public phones available on the market, where sits a small bump in the top of the screen of the camera next to the bump in the bottom of the button screen main which carries the sensor fingerprint.

Brings phone with a screen measuring 5.2 inches with a resolution of 2280×1080 pixels-type IGZO LCD produced by sharp himself. While it seems the design of the device and the way with the screen perfect the existence of the edges of the large bump extra, only that the phone carries a processor Snapdragon 845 which is available on most leading devices in the market currently, it also has a RAM memory of 4 GB with an internal storage of 64 GB.

شارب تعلن عن هاتفها Aquos R2 بنتوء علوي للكاميرا ونتوء سفلي لزر الشاشة

As for the camera, he is holding one lens out thoroughly 22.6 mega pixels with flash, front camera accurately 8 mega pixels and comes without any sensors or flash.

The phone has a battery with a capacity of 2,500 Milli-amp / hours, it also adds a separate headset and the last of the company, supports Android eBay 9.0.

The sharp comment about her phone Aquos R2 Compact built camera bump button the screen appeared first on the tech world.

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