Shares of Nvidia after the announcement of record financial results for last quarter


Announced the giant American technology Nvidia on record financial results for the quarter last for the entire fiscal year, continuing the company’s big successes in recent years, and that not only the fruits of the action by NVIDIA after painstaking effort and investments made by the company over the long years.

The proceeds of the NVIDIA over the past quarter profits (since the beginning of October until the end of December) amounted to approximately 2.91 billion, in revenues of the company for the entire fiscal year to 9.71 million and are record numbers for the company. The proceeds of the games section in the NVIDIA and which features of the graphic cards months Geforce amounted to 1.739 million.

In relation to the height of the crazy prices of the graphic cards have confirmed the NVIDIA it doesn’t set the price of the graphic cards in stores and they don’t have the ability to control it, but the company will increase productivity for applications to fill the great demand from customers and especially the metal working and electronic.

NVIDIA lacked also that it is larger by about 10 times than its direct competitor (AMD) and therefore there is a greater number of suppliers they deal with NVIDIA, and the company does not face a problem in Shipping due to memory randomization, as is the case with AMD. The proceeds of the section processors Tegra has NVIDIA saw a significant rise this year rose in the fourth quarter increased by 75% to $ 450 million, and has confirmed the Director of finance for the company Colette Kress that these proceeds came thanks to the significant sales achieved by the device into a hybrid.

Market value of the company NVIDIA has increased significantly, and increased by 34% from the previous year due to revenue and strong financial results achieved by the company, as its shares rose by 14%. There is no doubt that NVIDIA living the best period of its historical at all.

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