Shares of Nintendo rises 17% after the Access Test Chinese approval to sell the units switch in the country

سهم نينتندو يرفع 17% عقب حصول تنسنت الصينية على الموافقة لبيع وحدات سويتش في البلاد

Shares rose Nintendo company in Japan increased by 17% during the trading of the stock exchange this morning after the company set the Chinese on the approval of the relevant bodies to sell units games Nintendo Switch in the country, where China’s cooperation of the rigidity in the gaming market since last year due to government regulations imposed on the gaming companies out of the use of and fight the addiction and its repercussions to health, especially for the younger age groups.

In the considered aspect ratio in the share Nintendo Wii for is the highest since July 2016 which came then, thanks to its game famous launched for smartphones “Pokemon Joe,” to represent the height of the current highest price reached by the stock since last October.

It also has the company’s shares rose in the United States increased by 12% following the event is allowed, Guangdong province, China distribution units Games Switch in the area; which comes with a copy of the experience of the play of the famous New Super Mario Bros, however, it is not clear when will the actual sales set by set in the country knowing that the Games site will audit the MG before the government bodies there before putting it on the market.

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