SHAPE puzzle for persistent spirit

Outside the summer. The temperature is high, so think about work or study not. Cool off and collect thoughts together will help SHAPE. In the game collected images from many fragments, and to do it without prompting.

The game starts instantly right after clicking on the icon. Descriptions of the passage is not, so answers to questions independently. In General, it’s simple. To overcome the level you need to collect a form from different parts.

Part fixed to a specific location, but can be rotated. Game pass intuitively: when a puzzle piece sort of stands in its place, move on to the next. In the end we need to come to a comprehensive picture without unnecessary details.

According to the developers, puzzle develops imagination and in addition raises the level of logic.

The complexity of levels increases gradually. This feature compensates for the relaxing atmosphere to worry or think about the bad does not work.

SHAPE is another mini-masterpiece from the Infinity Games. Game decorate a free moment, and at the same time will not get bored before the cold weather.

Developer: ∞ Infinity Games
Category: Puzzle
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download: Google Play

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