Shao provided interface MIUI 10 8.11 the advantage of supporting the application of camera Google

Monitoring in the demo version, which develops currently to improve the user interface MIUI 10 8.11 some of the new features which include support for application camera new from Google.

Come interface MIUI from Shawty with full customization in the system of landed, to support the phones Shawty the experience of flow and in the interface of smart phones, and Google recently made the Google Camera which now comes boards stronger you make it the best choice for users of phones landed.

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This requires the application of camera Google new support HAL3 to allow the app work on phones, Andorid smartphone, which requires root the phone to run the application.

In the latest leaks revealed in the trial version update MIUI 10 8.11, the disclosed technique HAL3 that come by default in the update interface, which won’t need with the users of the phones Shawty to Enable root phones in the beginning to support the use of the application of camera Google.

You can install software and Google services to get the application full control of Google on the phone directly, but in the case not to upgrade to the beta version of MIUI 10 11.8, you can enable root the phone to get features the application of camera Google.


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