Shao, my phone is foldable from each end of the screen

The company introduced the Shao finally a model for a folding-like manufacturers that preceded them; a video photographer and published on the official Twitter account of the company showing its founder and executive director between Lin and he uses a book used and then turns his phone over bend it in a way different than what we have had in the models of other companies that have been just rely on detailed central in the mediastinum but is folded from the axis of the distributed dimension equal on both ends of the screen as the video shows the following:

As is clear, the screen divided to three parts wasn’t the middle part of which is Main when folded for use as a phone while parts of the others talking for the Black color on the back of the phone after folding like they are out of Service.

In didn’t remember the company information about the specifications of the phone or a name that will get him or the date of release; the mentioned site Techcrunch that there are two proposals for settlement either Shawty Dual Flex or Shawty MIX Flex according to informed sources in the company.

Speaking of which, if Shawty want to seriously supplied on the market you might question its executive director through his personal account in Weibo to the public “if they like the phone they will study produced significantly in the future”; it denotes at least that the company develop a plan put the phone in the market on the table for their work, so the prospect of seeing him available to the consumer the incoming.

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