“Shao” make the phone upon F1, you know the specs and its price in Egypt

Appeared today for the first time in the Egyptian market phone upon POCOPHONE F1, a brand new subset of Shao global Xiaomi, which was designed by a team of experts Shao, and seeks to change the smartphone experience to provide strong performance without the tinsel.

Receive the brand message in a first of its smart phones which was launched today, the phone pops F1, it offers a seamless experience and unmatched, and features a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 powered cooling system a revolutionary technology Liquide Cole LiquidCool, battery 4000 mAh long-lasting.

According to a press release, said Jai Mani, Production Manager at Boca global, if Boca means” a little” – we believe in starting with something small, but we dream of something big.

He continued: “a small marker inside the Shao, have Boca the freedom of starting from scratch, with a focus on selecting products and techniques is important. This is why we started the smartphone provides exceptional performance, with a focus on fundamental innovations, which we believe will appeal to have a fan of technology.”

It will be new phone available at a competitive price, reflecting the vision of Shawnee to provide amazing products for all people at moderate prices. It will be available phone upon F1 in the markets starting from August 30 at a starting price of 6,444 beauty.

Upon F1: speed

A telephone upon the F1 is a dream come true for power consumers, who will now be able to enjoy games and use apps without worrying about the decelerations resulting from high temperature.

Thanks in likely to see a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 powered cooling system with liquid cool LiquidCool high efficiency, which helps to provide strong performance for long periods of time.

The test showed the interior to this system more effective by 300% of the cooling solutions of conventional non-liquid because they allow heat from the CPU and quickly.

A sign that features a phone upon battery 4000 mAh can sustain 8 hours playing non-stop, and achieved upon F1 progress in the evaluation of the AnTuTu surpassing the 290 a thousand points.

Camera phone upon F1

And the phone pops F1 Dual Camera background of the front camera with artificial intelligence AI is strictly 20 megapixel the finest photography, says upon F1 great photos with Dual Camera with artificial intelligence that consists of a sensor core 12-megapixel of the Sony IMX363 with auto focus and dual focus, to provide stunning images even in low light and different lighting conditions of the background.

Needs upon F1’s on the front camera sensor with 20 MP is characterized by a Super Pixel that gathers information of four pixels in the unit pixel large amounts to 1.8 microns for clearer images blur-less. Each of the front and rear cameras supported features artificial intelligence sound, such as a property: AI Portrait AI Beautify the AI Scene Detection.

Also the front camera of the phone upon F1 feature lighting IR infrared camera, what helps facial recognition feature to work either in dark conditions or in daylight, and will be adding fingerprint technology face to unlock the phone in updated future markets.

Operating system MIUI phone upon F1

To achieve strong performance in full, was allocated to the operating system MIUI is a new phone upon F1 to get experience faster and smoother.

Offers phone upon F1 feature to improve the system that is called a “turboprop engine”, to start faster applications, and faster performance for games, in addition to experience pass faster thanks to improvements in the responsiveness of the screen and view the animation.

With POCO Launcher new, comes upon F1 with degree applications that can classify apps automatically, helps users find apps easily.

Based on the Android system oreo Android 8.1 Oreo, puts MIUI for POCO a priority for the safety with the reforms to the regular updates of Google it will receive the update Android P in the future.

Version armored using his DuPont ™ Kevlar

This is the first appearance for POCOPHONE F1 Armored Edition with background plate made of fiber DuPont ™ Kevlar.

Use this material strong resistance to heat widely used in the fields of aviation, military and high-end products. Prevents the surface of the phone upon F1 ornate a unique appearance and provides a comfortable grip.

The availability of the phone upon F1 also of the appearance of the polycarbonate done in black, graphite, blue, metal, pink, red.

Will sell the phone upon F1 at a price of 6,444 beauty, 6,888 group for versions 6 GB (RAM) + 64 GB (internal memory), 6 GB and 128 GB respectively. And phone upon F1 available in Egypt now in black graphite versions of the 6 Gb + 64 GB.

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