Shao is preparing to hold a conference of the Mi CC9 Pro on November 5

The company identified a shawty on 5 November to launch its next conference to announce the phone Mi CC9 Pro, which includes the sensor 108 mega pixel camera, and supports optical zoom up to 5 times.

Published CEO Shawty teaser of the company’s conference hall on November 5, which comes to declare a major for a phone Mi CC9 Pro, the company also provides H Mi Watch to the side of the TV Mi TV 5 during the conference.

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Was Phone Mi CC9 Pro focus of numerous leaks over the past period, today, reveal the Shao for the official date to launch this version, which applies to the markets for the first time sensors the Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX accurately 108 megapixel size 1/1.33 inch.

Has announced the Shawty previously about the phone Mi MIX Alpha, which also came sensor 108 mega pixel camera, which will be limited edition in the month of December.

It is planned that the sensor supports Samsung produced resolution images of 27 megapixels, also supports to merge all 4 pix in one point, to support the production of the pixel size of 1.6 µm and also support the photography more efficiently in low lighting.

I have published CEO Shao models pictures I took of the lens CC9 Pro with optical zoom up to 5 times, also provided that the phone supports zoom hybrid even 10 times, it also has a phone sensor, wide viewing angles, with the sensor telephoto in the camera background, is expected to be the sensor last ToF or sensor that macro.

Recall that the phone Mi CC9 Pro comes with a processor Snapdragon 730G as the monitoring of the phone in leaks 3C model number M1910F4E, where the phone supports charging with fast charging as much as 30W, with a battery capacity of 4500 mAh, also due to features phone Mi CC9 Pro screen AMOLED size of 6.39 inches with a quality display of Full HD Plus.

It is expected to be announced during the event on the H Mi Watch the first version of the H WearOS, as disclosed in the company on TV, Mi TV 5, so we expect the opening of the company on 5 November.


I know of

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