ShakeALertLA.. the application of earthquake revealed the first of its kind

ShakeAlertLA, is the app American the first of its kind, where he hopes to save the lives of human beings and relieve their suffering, through the warnings of earthquakes. before those moments, would be a reason for millions before the disaster?

The application of earthquake

For the first time the application issues the earthquakes return, in the city of Los Angeles, where he became the application of ShakeAlertLA available for download with IOS and Android in the United States of America, specifically in Los Angeles, which is considered one of the most earthquake-prone in the country of Uncle Sam.

The technology works, the amazing support the development of the ShakeAlertLA, to alert citizens by their sense earthquakes, earth tremors, which power up to 5 Richter or more moments, hoping that this warning might save the lives or private property, knowing that such technique is fitted with allow it to confirm the occurrence of the earthquake time of occurrence, they only alert the user before the moment of his sense of the actual disaster.

Researchers under the scanner, US Geological Survey, a government body responsible for the development of technology to detect earthquakes, to alert citizens during the first moments of the occurrence of earthquakes, which are not felt by the human in general, that would save a lot of lives, with the arrival of some earthquakes to devastating, it because of millions their lives before.

Not the first but the most efficient

At the time considered the application of ShakeAlertLA is the first of its kind in America, does not consider the application innovation of the new for some cities and Capitals global earthquakes continuously, but it seems the most efficient, where issued by cities such as Mexico City in Mexico, Tokyo in Japan, as well as Taipei in Taiwan, similar apps, but it’s often missed in the implementation of the tasks entrusted to it, what he hopes the developers of the application to the American talk in to avoid.

The work was on the application of ShakeAlertLA has started since long periods, only to develop the application taking more time to make sure his ability to show earthquakes. at the time, so it’s finally the time of its release in English and Spanish, with the end of the last day of the year 2018 Financial, to meet the inhabitants of the city of Los Angeles General new application, might be the reason in saving millions of lives.

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