Settlement deal between Qualcomm and Apple TV are paid by Intel to talk about its plans for the technology 5G

Intel XMM 8160 5G Modem

Earlier this month, we heard that Intel decided to give up and stop developing modems 5G designed for smartphones, so in the wake of the touted Apple to settle with Qualcomm. The company announced a reduction in its financial forecasts, reported officially that the deal between Qualcomm and Apple TV was the main reason to abandon the idea of the development of modem and 5G for mobile devices.

Abandon its plans to design modems 5G for mobile devices sounds logical because Apple was a major customer of Intel Corporation. However, this does not mean that the to bring 5G technology for smartphones you think is a bad idea, it will continue to work on products related to networks and infrastructure, and also on the information to other devices non-smart phones. However, it is incumbent on Intel to decide what to do with all the earned knowledge in the sector of 5G for mobile devices, since they invested a lot of time and money on it.

Qualcomm already own a modem and 5G for mobile devices such as the Snapdragon X50, but it is unlikely that the company provides to any of them for iPhone New coming in the second half of this year. Analysts expect to see the first iPhone compatible with 5G in the year 2020 when this becomes the new generation of networks is available throughout the United States and in many countries the Big other.


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