Set Pixel 4 contains a built-in radio

Confirmed Google today, during its conference that the phones set Pixel 4 will support gestures pneumatic opening of the face using a new type of sensor. Will this job by the Project Soli, which is the team work of Google’s advanced technology and projects (ATAP), which work on the technology over the past five years.

This technique relies on the sensor and a small radio to monitor the movements of your hand. With phones Pixel, users will be able to guide their hands to the device to control it, and even answer calls with a click of the wrist in the air.

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This water Motion Sense; and think minutes in order to allow the phone consultation when you arrive to him and prepare to unlock it or maybe reduce the level of sound if you’re trying to mute it.

Said Sabrina Ellis from Google that this feature would help to identify the movements and gestures remotely without touching the phone, as it helps provide the fastest experience for the destination to decode the lock compared to other phones.


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