Services.. How do you prevent your friends from watching you on Instagram for?


Provided a platform for Instagram users to a new feature reveal another facing them on the photo sharing application in the world months is similar to what happens on Facebook Messenger WhatsApp, and show this new feature in private messages with friends, this is a feature in the appearance of the phrase refer to the last appearance of a friend on the platform, and made available to facebook in the charges for the users of Android and iOS.

Disable the feature “the last encore” on Instagram

– The user opens the application Instagram.

– Fancy user profile on Instagram.

– Pressing on the three dots in the top left of the profile page.

– Come down to the bottom until it reaches the Settings section.

– The user is looking for the option “view status” activity or Show Activity Status and disable it.

 Show Activity StatusShow Activity Status

But the user should note that in the case of amending this feature he can’t turn to see the last activity of his friends also are quite similar to Watson August.

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