Service youtube Red will be available soon in a new set of state

يوتيوب Red

يوتيوب Red

Announced Susan Wojcicki, Chief Executive youtube, that service Red paid will soon reach a new group of States to offer it in more than 100 countries around the world.

Not specify the chief executive of the State or the starting date in the expansion, except that the company and the recent changes made through the signing of exclusive contracts to create its own content, show interest in the lady on the line “net Flex”.

The objective of YouTube Red provide the possibility of watching videos without ads with listening to music without having to open the app. But the company has yet to add exclusive content, and the establishment of special programmes for the participants in the service, including movies and TV series also.

It should be noted that youtube also launched the Youtube Service TV gathered a group of channel companies in one subscription, but they are confined only in some states of America.

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