Service YouTube Music will be now with the help of Apple’s Siri

In conjunction with the arrival of the iOS update, Start assistant and Apple Siri compatibility with the service YouTube Music and running, as is the case with Spotify.

خدمة يوتيوب الموسيقية ستعمل الآن مع مساعد آبل سيري على طريقة سبوتيفاي

Started the iOS update 13.2 access to users, in conjunction with will be the fans and the users of music services to add a characteristic to allow the running of the service YouTube Music is easy via the voice assistant for Apple, Siri.

With this update, users will be able to run music services different from one place instead of opening multiple apps and navigate to them.

As Apple has added support to run Spotify through Siri, and now add support for the YouTube service, and of course his service to the musical previously.

Thus, they provide support to run the services the most prominent musical which controls the market through the voice assistant to make it easier for users.

This support will include the navigation system smart CarPlay is what makes the possibility to take advantage of the service music is available on all devices.



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