Service visual content paid in YouTube maybe available soon

خدمة المحتوى المرئي المدفوع في يوتيوب ربما تتوقف قريبًا

A spokesman for YouTube, said that his company canceled the series, its Origin and Overthinking with Kat & June, who is considered one of the most important work of the police in the service of the paid content, to be this news is a prelude to what the site Bloomberg in a new report about the company’s intention to cancel the feature visual content paid and for the production of dramas.

This complex features the presence of services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and others. As Apple announced yesterday for another service especially on behalf of Apple TV+ to compete in the market.

Can be said that Google did not find the same with paid content in YouTube Premium, so the company started thinking about providing content with ads to improve income, rather than forcing traffickers to pay per month. But at the same time will continue with the premium service, paid be for music only without the visual content.

But the police came back and confirmed to The Verge that it had abolished the two series to focus on the work of the best, and YouTube has dozens of scenarios that await development and its position will not change. But at the same time confirmed the intention to launch video content supported by ads.

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