Service share encrypted files Firefox the Send finally graduated from the pilot phase of the


The company Mozilla to launch Firefox Send as a pilot since a very long time. It’s basically a service that allows users to share files with strong encryption. Expire link file automatically which makes the users feel comfortable about the lack of survival of their own things on the internet. Having said that, have confirmed the company Mozilla Now service Firefox the Send out of the pilot phase and became available to everyone without exception.

Users can share files with download links that expire automatically after a specific time period. They can also set the number of people they can download the file before the period of its existence. Users can even set up an additional password will be required before the recipient download the file. Obviously there’s nothing stopping people who download a file from Firefox Send for a copy of the file as much as you want and distribute it as they please.

The company Mozilla to this function make Firefox Send the best service to share documents and files of sensitive online. Because this service based on the browser, you can start to use Firefox the Send of the day and on any browser.

It is possible to send files of size up to 1GB. Will they sign up for a Firefox account free of send files with size up to 2.5 GB. Company works in Mozilla also to launch the demo application on the Android platform, as users can also share files from their mobile devices as well.

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