Service Play Pass from Google now available

Services with a monthly subscription to have spread significantly in the areas of music and movies especially for users of smart phones, and now the time has come to see the monthly subscription service includes games and apps too! A service Play Pass from Google.

This service come to rival Apple’s service arcade as they became available now officially in the United States and is on its way to the rest of the markets that while we we first heard about in August and the service has come in a short time!

The service of plate on behalf of the will be five U.S. dollars per month in exchange for access to a large number of games and apps paid for free, i.e. you instead of to buy the game or application will be able to play it for free as long as you have a subscription to play as it well for paid apps. Also the service came with the presentation of welcome a subscription price of $ 2 only to the company for a full year but I don’t know if it would apply to the Arab region when you access the service or not.

Confirmed Google that the Play Store will contain a new tab with the name you Pass to allow you to review and download the applications covered within the service which is provided by the hundreds as reported by Google that users will be able to get the 10 days trial is absolutely Free.

What do you think? And are you excited to experience the PlayStation name?

Source: Engadget

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