Service of the Facebook Pay – it’s all about service Facebook new e-payment and send the funds!

The company launched the Facebook recently a payment service e-mail send and receive money known as Facebook Pay. The service is currently available within the United States will widen later to include other states.Facebook Pay - كل شيء عن خدمة فيسبوك الجديدة للدفع الإلكتروني وإرسال الأموال!

The service now operates via a Facebook application the basic application of conversation “Facebook Messenger” will be included in the future in the rest of the apps of the parent company such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

Where the service is available on Facebook Pay?

As we mentioned earlier they are currently available within the United States of America only this situation will continue for several months before its scope in other countries for many reasons including the selection and development of Service and completion of routine procedures with the official authorities in each state on the conversation. Facebook promised to work on it as stated on the official website of the service.

Utility services Facebook Pay

Currently you can use the service on the platform of my Facebook Razer burst to buy tickets to attend various events and donate to charity and get the internal purchases of the games and the transfer of funds between persons.

Also you can buy products from some of the pages and some of the existing stores on the store Facebook Facebook Marketplace. Certainly the goal of the service platform is easily used in shopping and e-commerce across its various applications, especially when you include the rest of the apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

Facebook Pay - كل شيء عن خدمة فيسبوك الجديدة للدفع الإلكتروني وإرسال الأموال!

How does it work?

Simply from within the Facebook app or Messenger in the section on Settings service Facebook Pay can add a payment method that will depend such as credit card or “credit card” or debit “Deeb card” or PayPal.

Is setting up the service in each application separately, and will not say Facebook charge any additional fees on any purchase. You also can transfer money from one person to another requires a minimum user age of 18 years.

Also will provide service to a complete record of the operations of the payment you have made and the details of each process so that you can refer to it at any time.

On hand safety and Privacy, all your data and bank card your service Facebook Pay is stored encrypted, the company also developed a system to detect the activity of the Reserve, also you will be able to complete operations via a password you place or feature my facial recognition or fingerprints.

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