Service musical Spotify break the barrier of 100 million subscribers paid


The company announced Spotify just made a major achievement is to reach 100 million subscribers in their plans and paid, this represents already nearly half of the total users of the service. For those wondering about the number of people using the free service, this is the number according to the company’s 117 million users.

Helped the official launch of the service Spotify in India in the last quarter a lot in increasing the base of users of the service, Spotify, has involved about a million users from the country in service during the first week after its launch, and doubled that number in the next month or so. Unfortunately, this was not enough to move the company Spotify to residential profits.

The company lost about 142 million euros in the first quarter of the year 2019, which is proportional to the profits of the month of December, which amounted to 442 million euros. However, still the losses of a company Spotify in the first quarter of this year, less than the losses incurred by the company in the first quarter of last year, which at that point stood at 169 million euros.


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