Service musical Apple Music currently has more than 50 million users

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In the past month, Apple announced that its service musical Apple Music has become home to more than 40 million subscribers. Now in an interview with Bloomberg, revealed the CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook that the service of the musical the Apple Music service now has more than 50 million users, although this figure consists of the participants in the service who choose.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Apple Music service is still lagging behind by a large margin on service musical Spotify still continues to lead the market note that the latter recently announced that they have 75 million subscribers, with nearly 170 million active users. Predicted by some analysts to overtake the Apple Music service Spotify this summer, while Spotify may be too advanced, it ends up taking the race difficult with the Apple Music service in the case if you keep the latter on the speed of its growth.

During the interview, Mr. Tim Cook also about the company’s plans for movies and TV shows, but he refused sweating in the details to be in with the, ” We are very interested in the visual content. We’ll meet in a manner consistent with our brand. We are not prepared to give any details about it until now. But obviously that’s interesting “.

Earlier Apple has released some deals through the Apple Music service, such as Carpool Karaoke, but it has recently moved this television program to apply your Apple TV. This has given some credibility to rumors that Apple is planning to sell subscriptions through the Apple TV, which can also be used by Apple to view movies and TV programs and series.


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