Service Google Cloud to get the name of the new prices new!

Google has announced the world about a new service called Google One, in fact it’s not a new service completely but update the service cloud storage Google Google Drive, but after adjusting the name and pricing for the past.

Google said : “that’s right, we’re looking at changing the Brand of a product of cloud storage in Google Drive, which was already available to consumers. Will transfer all existing customers to the new product later this year.”

Supposed to be Google’s One first step for expanded storage, which includes additional benefits to help you get more space on Google.

In practice, it will use the cloud storage just as they are now, in Gmail, and Google Drive, and photos. Will change the brand and add some extra perks for the customers.

جوجل وان ، google one

Comes Google One also with the structure of the new pricing, from 100 GB to 30 TB, as follows:

15 GB: free with every Google Account

100 GB: $ 1.99 per month

200 GB: $ 2.99 per month

2 TB: $ 9.99 per month instead of $ 19.99 a month.

1 TB: upgraded to 2 terabytes without any additional cost

More than 2TB: keep prices the same.

Prices of the new service of Google and I look good to many, but the company abandoned the 1 TB of storage which may be enough to have a lot of users!

Besides, the new price will get the Google One to additional advantages, including more stocks on Google Play, and reductions for certain .

Coming to Google I also with the advantage of the joint family that is enabled by default, with support for up to five family members per Google Account One.

Are you excited to experience Joel and I? Tell us about your experience with Google Drive in the comments used in the new service.

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