Service Geforce Now reached smart devices with Android in Korea

Nvidia GeForce Now

Company Nvidia has previously announced that it intends to bring its service cloud Geforce Now to smart devices, and it is a service to broadcast video games, similar to the Stadia from Google.

Well, the app has already been released in the egg stage an experimental on Android in Korea. If you managed to get the app or الـAPK, it even outside of Korea. These services start first in Korea, usually due to great speed and reception lines of the internet there, and even that service xCloud from Microsoft will start there also.

The service requires a phone with at least 2GB of RAM and operating system Android 5.0 and above. And in order to experience best recommend the company review internet speed of at least 15Mbps and tool control Bluetooth such as the SHIELD controller or Razer Raiju Mobile.

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