Service ESPN+ provides contributions to owners of the PS4 and Xbox One to watch thousands of sporting events

خدمة ESPN+ توفر اشتراكات لمالكي PS4 وXbox One لمشاهدة آلاف الأحداث الرياضية

Can now be owners of the PS4 and Xbox One watch the events and games of their favorite sports via a subscription service, Direct broadcast + ESPN via the app ESPN, and will provide them with the follow-up to thousands of sporting events and the hundreds of matches which will see the National Hockey League and Major League Baseball in addition to football games American are popular in the United States, and many global tournaments other that owns the network broadcast rights in North America and some other countries.

So that the new streaming service has been integrated to the application network is available for PS4 and Xbox One; this service was previously available for Amazon’s Fire devices broadcast Roku and as long as the app was also available for download for devices operating system Android and iOS.

Is available on the service is also a library full movies network ESPN, which includes documentaries, can take advantage of broadcast services for + ESPN vs 4.99$ per month or per year compared to 49.99$.

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