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Provide a service to doctors on demand health care immediate, specialized for those wishing to obtain counseling and medical treatments household in the Emirate of Dubai, and everything depends on wanting to get this service done, is the trend to call qualified doctors for check-ups and medical treatments to patients in the home around the clock, seven days a week.

And attracting a new cadre of qualified doctors and skilled and experienced in home medical care, to develop this service, which spoke of the hassle of the road for treatment, where doctors go to treat the patients of residents and visitors alike, directly in their homes or their rooms.

This service allows patients to healing and recovery peace within an environment familiar to them, and for those wishing to get this service call to meet the doctor directly or to book an appointment, with the possibility of obtaining the range of services provided by a company of the Emirates healthcare, including consulting a general practitioner, the services of physical therapy, and nursing services upon request for short periods or long, laboratory tests, physical examinations, plans of care for the elderly which include bouquets monthly, quarterly, and annual, and include a review of the doctor periodically, and nursing services, and nutrition counselling and diet.

She reminded sonali of Crete, Director of operations at the service of the doctors the incident took place in early January, when I called the lady and she’s in a panic when the third hour after midnight due to the injury of her husband by high body temperature, cough, and pains in the flesh, and in the case of severe confusion being the Mother of two twins in the previous month, and was not able to drive the car to the hospital.

Was there one of the doctors service doctors accompanied by a nurse to the patient’s home located at the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, and arrived home in less than 30 minutes, and the patient’s treatment and take samples for laboratory tests to check for any infections, when the doctor phoned to follow up and check on the condition of the patient at two in the morning, I told the lady that her husband had been to heal completely after taking the drug, she was pleased that the service is prompt and effective.

He continued to the sun: “we have a cadre of doctors qualified specialists and all medical emergency who are able to treat patients efficiently, and optimized service seekers of medical services in the home”.

The service of the doctors cadre of physicians skilled specialists, a team of general practitioners are experts in family medicine, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, geriatric, also features author studies the total management of acute and chronic diseases, health care for women, health care for children, and the ability to manage therapy with oral drugs or injection.

This service includes everything related to health care beginning medical checkups, routine, and even provide treatments, and all what it offers to the patient in health care facilities, it is incumbent on the patient or caregiver to pay the service fee to the doctor, and the insurance later, and will provide this service in the rest of the UAE soon, to meet the growing demand.

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