Service Currents is Google Plus the new institutions, with some modifications

خدمة Currents هي قوقل بلس جديدة للمؤسسات مع بعض التعديلات

Now that the service has become Google Plus history, revealed Google unveiled what will users G Suite, a service Currents the new, which will enable users to have discussions and interactions meaningful across the enterprise, which help to keep everyone is familiar with the and managers the opportunity to interact with their staff.

In the same context, use the Google this service with Google Play Newsstand which has been replaced later date and is now known as the application of Google News, but the two services are not connected, so that Currents of the New pretty much similar to Google Plus, with either the user interface or basic features.

خدمة Currents هي قوقل بلس جديدة للمؤسسات مع بعض التعديلات

It will enter service sort the posts by relevance or chronological order, may be given priority for managers in conclusion, with the possibility to attach hashtags and participate, and also individuals can track the analytics of his publications, is finally available Currents now in the demo, and you can also request access via email and, once the registration in the demo version, and will transfer all existing data to Google Plus automatically.

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