Service Crystal will complicate the life of bitcoins-criminals

Recently, Bitfury Group, one of the largest industrial miners, has developed the Crystal service, which can help to calculate the criminal activity in the Bitcoin network. It was rather difficult to understand from the press release that this service represents itself, that's why the Forklog website asked for the explanations to the service creators who told about the principles of its work.

The service was developed in order to increase the confidence of state bodies, financial structures and businesses in the blockade. The essence of Crystal is that with its help you can visually see what is happening in the chain and trace some regularities.

The data of all transactions in the blockroom is available to all network members, but the service constantly analyzes them, downloads and updates data, simultaneously collecting information about the owners of bitcoins-purses from open sources. Algorithms used by the service allow you to effectively analyze the information, clearly demonstrating it to the user. The service does not collect any personal data, but it keeps the results of its work in its own database.

Investigating data about all transactions, the service takes into account the confirmed information about illegal operations, simultaneously scanning transactions of other recipients and senders. If participant A has dealt with participant B, to whom the service has assigned the status of "risky", having caught him in questionable activity, then participant A of Crystal will be marked as "caught under suspicion", giving him a status with an increased level of risk.

Suspicious users of the service "branded" with red marks, and "clean" marks with green labels, clearly demonstrating the presence or absence of risk in the application interface. In this transaction, the service does not note this way, because determining their validity is not at all its task, because Crystal is primarily an analytical tool, warning the user about possible problems or their absence.

Heuristic algorithms used by the service do not give a 100% result, therefore only the user in the final analysis can decide whether he or she should deal with this or that person.

The developers noted that they probably will not be able to completely destroy crime in the crypto-currency world, but they are sure of one thing for sure: Crystal will certainly complicate the lives of dishonest users involved in "dark" deeds.

"We see an increased interest in our instrument from the financial sector. Crystal will be useful to banks, consulting companies, financial regulators, as well as cyber-units of power structures. Crystal can be useful to those who conduct their business using crypto currency. In addition, with its help, you can organize a visual demonstration to state regulators, pointing to the sources of origin and the purpose of using crypto currency in their operating or investment activities, "Forklog quotes the creators of the service.

The creators of Crystal said that it is possible to integrate their service with other analytical products, which in the future should give an even more noticeable result in the fight against unscrupulous members of the Bitcoin network.

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