Service broadcast video content from Disney you name Disney Plus

Disney announced long ago that it was launching a special service to broadcast the content online but we didn’t know the name until the company announced today it has chosen the name of Disney Plus new service.

The company confirmed on what is being broadcast cypher of the terms of service that will be launched at the end of next year 2019 and, of course, will all the content of Disney and its affiliates such as Star Wars وMarvel plus content studio Fox, which was acquired months ago.

Of course, the new service will be a formidable competitor for existing such as Netflix Amazon Prime and HPO GO especially it will strengthen their content seemed to me that the company started trying to restrict his and pulled him from competing services to be available exclusively in the network of Disney plus later.

Also in the news, Disney announced they were going to finish a lot of content for the new that includes a lot of movies and series and documentaries which will be announced sold in the next period.


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