Service Apple TV musical will be present on the Amazon Echo on December 17,

خدمة آبل الموسيقية ستكون حاضرة على أمازون ايكو في 17 ديسمبر

Will add the service to Apple’s musical group other services supported by the Amazon Echo on December 17, the next to be with both Spotify and Pandora and iHeartRadio وTuneIn, they can do fan service music to Apple TV from the application of any of their favorite songs or streaming services the other with ease from Alexa after they activate the option Service and connect their accounts to the application Assistant Amazon audio.

The service provides music to the Apple TV for the Amazon eco in the company’s drive to expand the spread of their music services that have long made it a monopoly on certain devices and today the change of this approach and the exploitation of the widespread aid Amazon in the convention is the third in November where it was first about selling recent versions of computers, phones, Apple through the site of the giant of e-commerce.

Cannot be ignored that the service was musical with popular wide via the aid of audio Alexa Amazon in particular, have Popular their own in the side, which may foretell successfully the arrival of Apple’s fateful decision of her last open the door to a new broadcast service of the musical.

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