Service Apple TV Arcade you get 5 new games

Today I got Apple service Arcade on the new update brings five new games which will be available for all devices supporting the service such as iPhone, iPad as well as Apple TV.

The new games consist of game Fallen Knight is an action game from the development studio FairPlay to the side of the game is Hogwash of the development of Bossa Studios to the side of the games Lifelike and Tales of Memo and Yaha this besides that games Hogwash, the Tales of Memo and Yaga will be available for Mac also.

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In the current time service Apple Arcade includes 89 game available for both iOS and tvOS to the side of the 81 game available for Mac (and among them a common games of course) which brings us closer to the promise Apple made available more than 100 games. Apple service arcade and if you don’t know they are service games paid come subscription $ 5 a month.

Any game from the previous games caught your attention the most?

Source: MacRumors

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