Service Apple Arcade lead to a big leap in the gaming industry

Apple announced a number of new products at the conference on Tuesday 25 March, including a product may save the gaming industry a big leap. Where Apple announced a new service to broadcast the games bear the name of Apple Arcade subscription-based only on the different Apple devices. Therefore, ensure to put back for a big physical on Friday. This certainly will pave the way for junior developers who are facing problem in paying the fees on the games, as well as guarantee them to achieve stable income. Does the impact of that service on the platform games were popular such as the PlayStation and the Xbox and Nintendo’s? Continued with us.

خدمة Apple Arcade تقود إلى قفزة كبيرة في صناعة الألعاب

To to big gaming companies, it may not be such a good service. Because they didn’t face any problem in charging for the games, they Of course control of the gaming industry and them money, so they don’t need Apple’s service arcade. But may not last long if you wrote the success of this service, it has affected those companies especially if you showed up to work the games high quality and supported strongly.

What is Apple Arcade to?

Is a subscription service that provides game time Unlimited, without advertising or requests to purchase within the games, all of that comes in a range of games that are subscribe. It also allows those service participation of family members in this subscription and with the same nurses.

Will be financing some of the games by Apple, and will be operated exclusively for the Apple Arcade. And knows now how much will that service, or even any details on the percentage of proceeds that will get you developers, or Apple itself. You don’t think the games on that service to connect to the internet or broadcast cloud, you can expect that if you find a connection to the internet, when data is stored the progress of the game. It is scheduled to be launched in the Apple service arcade in the fall.

The company said in a press release, to games Apple Arcade will redefine gaming again, but will be organized on the basis of quality and creativity and the extent of their attractiveness and relevance to players of all ages.

Will choose the games not only through funding but also through the way in which the promotion of the game within the Apple TV platform art. If you have been promoting the game heavily on the platform for the arcade, it could be the game successful. It may happen that you die the game that are not promoted in an appropriate manner, just as it happens in the App Store. Because this service is the first of its kind for developers, the way in which the promotion of the games will be the key to its success.

Apple TV works on the move the gaming industry

As Apple announced on Apple’s service arcade Google has done likewise almost, is considered a newcomer to video games, where the announcement of a similar service called Stadia is a subscription service that will allow players to broadcast games to any screen from the cloud.

Where have those companies different visions about how making video games and running. But will the system requirements on the current system or will replace him in the end?

Address Apple Arcade for two projects: one, reduce the value of the games in the software store, where games are low quality and the value of $ 3. Secondly try to create a yard to enjoy in the yard of the app is extremely congested. This keeps Apple’s investment in these premium games will help to develop, with the guarantee that you can’t run any of those games except on its devices only. Which will benefit them and the developers as mentioned above.

On the other hand, the Google service Stadia aims to make subscriptions to games such as Nintendo, X-Box, PlayStation at affordable prices. The service provides Google Stadia the possibility of development and transformation of the console, and instant access to games from anywhere, where you can start the game on the device and continue the game from where you left off on another device such as from the TV to the phone then to the computer, etc. But this technique you need of course to connect to the internet fast.

In this way, Google is working on the idea of editing video game controllers expensive and focus on investment in broadcast games to the cloud on different devices. There is no doubt that this attracts millions of users who don’t want to buy controllers high-priced.

With regard to the service Apple TV for the arcade, we find a great difference between them and the Google service, where you didn’t know Google even now only about the game only one is DOOM Eternal for PC. At the same time Apple announced a large collection of games that belong to the developers of the famous innovators, and will be available all through Apple TV are just.

It is worth mentioning also, that Amazon is ready to announce the service soon, after having spent years in investing in the gaming industry.

One day may solve the subscription services of these shops in games that are played using consoles, custom hardware, and even though I enjoyed the millions of people around the world using devices such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. But could Apple be abandoned if it is to convince them with affordable price.

What do you think about Apple’s service Arcade is? Do you expect to control such services on the field of games and affect the hardware custom? Tell us in the comments.


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