Service 2Masternodes ceased to support ANON, VIVO and SmartCash. What is the reason and what’s next?

Yesterday was intense. Users 2Masternodes, which owned shares or all masternode ANON, VIVO and SmartCash, received a return of their coins. This is not a bug of the system, and the service refused to work with these projects. Talk about the reasons for this decision and further developments.

What happened?

2Masternodes no longer supports ANON, VIVO and SmartCash. The service does not start a new masternode of these coins and does not serve the existing ones. All the old node is disabled, the funds are returned to investors. If you haven’t got the cryptocurrency, you need to wait a bit or contact Telegram-chat platform. Such cases are rare.

Source: 2Masternodes

What’s the problem?

Will tell on the example ANON. The network started the night with 10 for September 11. Since then we have been actively involved in her life and ran masternode. Share our service reached 35 percent. For example, as of September 20, the network was 227 mastered, 81 from which we launched.

The scale has increased, but the rate was lowered. Service mastered ANON became not just unprofitable, but the beginning of a painful to hit the pocket. A little math.

Now is one of masternode ANON brings the per month $ 12 net profit;
— service fee is 10 percent, which is 1.2 dollar;
— placing one node on a virtual server at Digital Ocean is $ 10;
— get 8.8 dollar loss with each masternode per month. Total 600 pieces, and this is more than $ 5,000 every month.

And not hosting cheaper?

No. ANON have too high demands on RAM — you need more than 1 GB. Because of this cut off more affordable options for type Vultr, where a single virtual dedicated server costs about $ 5.

Source: DigitalOcean

Moreover, it is important to remember that the provider must be able to automatically raise VPS, deploy, dockers and more. This is from AWS and Digital Ocean. And it costs $ 10.

But not several nodes in a single server?

Another popular question. Alas, it is impossible — it’s against our safety rules. One node has only one virtual server. So we reduce potential risks and ensure the security of funds.

Was it possible to solve the problem?

Yes, and how were several. The most obvious is the rate of growth ANON, which would have increased the income of the holders mastered and service. We did not wait. The peak price of the coins on CoinMarketCap recorded September 28, at 94 cents. On 21 October, the exchange rate fluctuated at the level of 40 cents. But it is at least double sagging.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Another option is increasing the fee. However, given the depreciation of the ANON contributions would have to increase not conventionally acceptable 25 percent, while terrible 90.

Finally, the developers. The authors of the project a lot of possibilities. They could effectively hold hardwork and increase the number of coins needed to run masternode. It would not have affected the incomes of users, but would increase the profitability of each individual node. Then we would come out of minus.

Another way is to compensate the developers cost of our VPS. They have a considerable Fund, so if needed it would find coins. And besides, such a gesture would clearly appreciated by the members of the network.

However, adequate feedback we have received, and the decision was continually delayed. As a result, we are forced to abandon the project.

Anon has gone missing from 2Masternodes. Will there be again?

There is a chance, but only if the developers will increase the so-called Collateral or threshold for starting masternode. Now one node costs 500 coins ANON. For re-appearance of the coins on 2Masternodes figure is expected to grow to at least 5000 at the current rate.

Source: 2Биткоина

By the way, members of the community consider this issue, but until the case comes to further votes on different platforms. The members of the team promised to roll out a “convenient solution” for all. What exactly mean is unclear.

What about VIVO and SmartCash?

Here things are even simpler. VIVO developers disappeared: the coin is abandoned, there is no update to the network persistent problems. For the last three months the rate fell from 41 per cent to 3. Obviously, the situation is unlikely to improve.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Masternode SmartCash is also disadvantageous, and the creators are not configured to cooperate. The meaning is the same, and that ANON.

What’s next?

ANON continues to live. You can set masternode yourself — instructions are here. Also, the coin available for mining on 2Miners.

We made conclusions and try to prevent such situations. Work on. Thank you for being with us.

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