Series reviews solutions to the smart home (1): smart bulbs from LIFX

A new series we present about smart home solutions and start with the smart bulbs from LIFX.

سلسلة مراجعات حلول المنزل الذكي (1): المصابيح الذكية من LIFX

In this series of articles we’ll have some accessories and smart solutions that are available today to the user which it can easily obtain the smart home, in most cases without the need for hiring professional or specialized companies to install those solutions and smart home products.

Pick of the day lighting solutions smart home company LIFX, which differ exclusively with products extra home easy installation and network compliant with the latest management systems for Smart Home voice control such as the Alexa, Apple Home Kit and Google Assistant and also the Microsoft Cortana. In this article we address two of the company’s products are lamp BR30 smart which is fit for multiple purposes inside and outside the home, and the group of bright pieces of Tile 5-Pack.

حلول المنزل الذكي (1): المصابيح الذكية من LIFX

Control and compatibility with smart home systems

Buy both products in the private self in relation to the redemption of the smart and compatibility with smart home systems different already available we all have, although we didn’t know about it. All match products smart bulbs from a company LIFX with systems to control the smart home provided by Apple, Google, and Amazon, which are available through the operating systems mobile phone Android and iOS.

Initially, you can through the application of the Home Kit or the Google Assistant to govern the operation and separation of any of these products while you are in your home or outside, as you can set specific times of the day to be automatically run and the separation of the lighting automatically. Allow both the BR30 and Tile degrees of infinite – up to 16 million colors – colors that can be selected to illuminate the LEDs, which is what makes you able through the application of the foregoing or the application of LIFX specialist choose any color that comes to your mind someone to take her interests, including all grades extra white and yellow.

تطبيق المصابيح الذكية من LIFX

And does not provide LIFX solutions extra smart own as a means of lighting only, but it is promoted also as a tool of multiple uses for entertainment purposes, so each region also supports a huge number of patterns interactive lighting that make it possible to use it for parties, entertainment or just to impress friends and visitors.

Include lighting styles available the possibility to adjust the LEDs to shine by cover colors extra depending on the tones of the music that called her your phone around him. You can adjust the style of additional self depending on the Times today which says where the lamp BR30 adjusting the degree of lit up automatically to be extra light degree of the statement shining in the morning, and the severity of the damage towards the increase the degree of color towards the color automatically the closer the time of Sunset and it gets dark. The other styles available include the possibility of using the lamp, it simulates the extra shaky for the same color tones, as well as the pattern of additional intermittent and similar to the situations lyrics.

A range of additional smart Tile: various solutions to fit all spaces and uses

Fit Group extra smart Tile looking for design help in their homes, the nature of conversation, with the possibility of changing the decoration of this space is constantly quite easily. Come that group in the image of the cut (tile) – available in a bouquet of 3 or 5 pieces as you need – and can put those pieces in any format or arrange the Wants of the user with the possibility to change this coordination from time to time without any effort.

حلول المنزل الذكي (1): المصابيح الذكية من LIFX

Don’t offer light fixtures Tile lighting strobe provided by the lamp BR30, which reach up to 1100 lumens, but its designed primarily as a form of decoration to modern spaces with the submission of the additional average non-intended reading, for example. But the real innovation in this group lies in the options unlimited available for them through the app to your company on the mobile phone.

Through the application of LIFX design combinations of shapes, overlapping colors as well as animation animation the colors of the overlapping variable shine by this widget in order to influence the war rolling that you chose using the app.

It is worth mentioning here that all the products LIFX can be controlled by voice through the voice assistant to your mobile phone that tells him to run extra or stop her, as have all its Cells LED low power consumption and run exceed on average 20 years of continuous operation.

The bottom line

Sold lamp BR30 independent and agree with most of the extra traditional in our homes, at a price draw with US $ 60, while the exchange package smart bulbs Tile of 3 pieces is priced at $ 150 or 5 pieces at a price of $ 250. Although the price may seem high, the sources electric, but this product is far from being a light bulb, in fact I am – contrary to what is usually with my techniques, which I think is still new or experimental – I find the price very logical but and also suitable for several reasons; First, the lifetime of the lamp which according to the company, even 20 years of continuous operation, the intensity of the extra large lamp BR30 specifically which make you may only possess just one of these bulbs and use it for many purposes and varied depending on the application, Finally colors Gas Limited interests which make him a suitable case traditional, additional reading, study, extra for concerts and entertainment.

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