Series phones Galaxy S10 will support the technology block Qi

With the approaching date of the disclosure of the series phones Galaxy S10 new ignited leaks again to reveal an unexpected surprise from Samsung has been circulating widely in the last few hours.

As is clear in the title, The One shopping for phones to Galaxy S10 to indicate it would pay technique poker chi with the possibility to create or import a digital wallet with a clear appearance for Ethereum electronic as a work existing in the case the picture was not completed will definitely support Bitcoin and other currencies.

Samsung didn’t talk in advance about the digital currencies area and not even a hint but if you see this technique already, you won’t be first on the phones where HTC previously with the support of this technology in HTC phone Exodus 1.

If perhaps this technique not important to some but the world of digital currency started by the dilation and there are a lot of people interested in this water which will be caused in the follow-up event Samsung on 20 February to learn more about block your chi on phones Galaxy.


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