Series phones Galaxy S10 Series get a huge update to enhance the camera performance

Galaxy S10 camera

Worked Samsung to enhanced camera in the series phones Galaxy S10 Series with the last update. Users in Switzerland from the early users who have received this new update which brings with it also security fixes for the month of May, along with significant improvements for Night Mode Night Mode knowing that it brings with it new options for Live Focus.

When it was launched, it was the Galaxy S10 comes with put a Bright Night that his performance was weak compared with the conditions of night photography and other blockbuster. Samsung then add a night Mode to reduce noise levels and lengthen the shutter speed which led to get better images in general. In addition, you will be able to use the camera’s wide-angle in the Night Mode.

Change another useful that comes out of this update is the option to use the camera best in the Galaxy S10 and +Galaxy S10 pick up images in Live Focus. Now you’ll be able to get close to your stuff to get blur better background. Given that there is already a version of this update now users in Switzerland, we believe that it only a matter of time before this update to the rest of the millions of phones Galaxy S10 all over the world.


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