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After that, we’ll have to write more regular articles. This is where we started this policy are in conflict with Google’s policies but I think it is more important to us. I will try to give some more importance to visitors for him, I can’t promise, of course.

Initial proposals for SEO

What is SEO and how it is done or not let’s not waste time with things like the first 3 days of the Order Date. Basically consider simple fact that everything in the foundation of careful, planned study and knowing how to put what where. Basic startup SEO recommendations we call base. SEO your site for an effective and lasting love like a child you need to feed it constantly and you have to. Typed your User Content and your submission of Article attentive for growth that you can find for your site will be the staple.

  • Choose less competitive words for the new site.

Web sites are gaining power over time. Enough time has been wasted and strengthening growth you make from your site a pastime that can be the work for you. Organic visitors better than rakipleriniz sunsan even as they are a staple food for your lack of content is not able to provide. First, even if you capture 10 to 20 visitors per day to get them more healthy. For this, new topics, new content to monitor. Over time as you gain strength you can start producing your site more content for higher competition keywords.

  • Do social bookmarking / share on your social media your site

Backlink building the following topics will explain in more detail? ” one of the more general site management requirements is to share the places that you can reach a human audience to your site. These today, really social media outlets are accessible to large numbers of people. Here site is your profile page or by creating a group, less still if you can attract your visitors by sharing your content or even none at all. Remember, for me, the most basic seo recommendations in someone else. ‘Bots are better than the visitors.’

You will contribute to the strengthening of the visitors you get out of here. Periodically they do share in social media.

  • Your Articles Keep-Alive

The article by typing just don’t leave, give attention to creating a certain mass to him. 1 for a day of reading each day a better person than the next 10 people it will be healthier. For this you can write articles and don’t forget, don’t write just to write. Consider it like a diary. SEO experts generally with the logic of the news site does not work. Strong, but less articles.

Suggestions SEO: backlink building

Briefly, a backlink is that it allows the site to link to you. A few link has a type. Here is where the most basic and simple way to get backlink will be presented.

  • SEO compatible Titles;

It is a good site for original articles and original content. Google loves new data. But the important thing is the choice of the title correspond with the results of your search. Put yourself in the location of the caller. A question to you, how would you look for? Your topics or the titles or exactly you should take to answer the question it asks.

You should choose a title that is exactly like that users that their searches must meet. For example, say you’re going to talk about the installation of Android ROM. Let’s think about the titles that we choose,

How to install Android ROM, Android Rom, how to install Android ROM setup you can set up, such as focusing on the search titles.

Easiest Backlink blog sites which can be taken

You can have the work done for your site backlink with your keywords you could have worked a lot on. In your article for SEO work as well as singular. What we need to do a study of backlinks to our article here.

The study phase in order to backlink to articles we have received and by adding the places backlink to sites you can use as.

  • By Opening Google Blog Backlink

The service opened with the help of Google’s blogspot blogs are subdomains offers. This blogs .quality backlink sites blogspot as a domain comes with appears to be. You should have a backlink on your site in the first place for the study of someone who, for us the key word. “Seo suggestions

  • we have created our address. Now here is an article on SEO suggestions to prepare.
  • We prepared our article, Keywords of SEO suggestions a couple of times we spent on the subject. The logic of repetition typically between 1 to 120 words keyword 100 times, as may be preferred, they say. There is no certainty. There are some key words to talk about the issue that forced you to repeat.
  • Link to keywords ( keyword backlink ), we set the keywords to this article for inspiration that we say we give our link and in this link the source of this article will briefly address. Here we’re setting up for your Google boots.
  • In this article, some bold, italic, are recorded as title, Google detects it as a keyword acts as the characteristics of the robots differ and we can say that. You can add properties to this special text effective for the places we’ve seen.
  • So do not write your article. How we cover you your original article who is envious of your article in blogs that you can always keep your blog site so that way maybe because the front may be more popular in searches. Can provide more hits. This will be on the site by making more effective referrals to your advantage and still make a profit.

  • Get Backlink Is By Opening A WordPress Blog

My favorite blog in WordPress there is a service such as Google. As easy as it is from blogspot take advantage of that. As a member ourselves, we’re creating a blog with proper keywords. Is a key word. “Seo suggestions

  • we have created our address. Now here is an article on SEO suggestions to prepare.
  • No need to repeat what we did on our Google blogspot a WordPress site front front-]zerinde our site by posting our original article Internal Link of the site with the same care we have been given.

seo ornekleri

Of course, as usual lazy and just copy and paste I applied. If you do it, you may easily climb the ladder of success.

What was it used to be, “do as I say.”

  • Get Backlink From Pinterest Account

As is well known Pinterest, the image sharing social networking platform that was created with may call for, Fashion, design, technology and a picture of yourself on the subject by creating a lot of albums you can use it as an archive. Start as a simple member.

Pinterest Address :

  • Your account settings in “website” section you can add to your site from endorsing.

pinterest backlink
Get Backlink By Uploading A Pinterest Image

Member after making the entry, on the bottom right side “+” sign will appear and from here on the side like on the screen, “Save As from a web site by using the tool” can give a link to where the images are located in the subject pinleyeb after pictures.

Visit web site visibility consists of the pins as you added your link. Thus, you share the images you may have created links to your site on the internet.


pinterest backlink

With a backlink to your article you can earn storage by saving it in an appropriate category healthier.

With the help of Pinterest to new users in addition to the categories and articles to offer a picture of a hit it is possible to use as a source.

So, you will want to visit your site by drawing visual attention. Even if your article can find you Pinterest pictures or there might be people who are behind me. They recommended that between sites in front on Pinterest for this one. Inclusion as a separate and sharing easy beauty.

  • Tumblr Blog To Get Backlink By Opening

Tumblr on wordpress, such as blogger, which can be effective between the front block. With this blog we wrote articles, pictures, etc with a backlink to our site, we may share submissions.

tumblr backlink after creating and editing our article, we start our blog by sharing our backlinks we create. Writing is sharing one of the beautiful side of Tumblr easily. In addition, effective and easy ways that you can use in addition to sharing pictures and URL.

  • Stop Stealing Article.

A lot of people play the article the easy way. Everyone may receive course content to enrich the site, but with great importance or an article which is prepared to steal the idea of the article, other than to harm you is useless. It runs from behind the top into place while his impersonator as always the original article you can come. Maybe copy and paste in your article you may raise, but still will be left behind, and a thief. For this try to write your articles original.


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