Sensory development of artificial intelligence able to recognize the quality of the sounds

Great if household appliances such as headphones, smart able to tell you in case I hear something unusual, such as the sound of breaking glass or breaking doors? It seems that this is imminent, the company Sensory development of techniques of artificial intelligence so that it can recognize the voices and take the procedure necessary if I need it, and this technique TrulySecure Sound ID.

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Currently be possible for artificial intelligence to identify many environmental sounds, including dogs barking, home insurance, or alarms that are raised smoke, the warnings and the battery, door bells, ways and break the glass, would enable him to send a warning or even a clip did not hear, that way you’ll know whether you need to call the authorities or anything else going on in your home should be familiar with it.

Voice recognition is part of a group of artificial intelligence to Sensory for audio devices and the Internet of things which work fully with the device, but does not send data to the storage cloud to prevent fears about privacy and security, in addition to audio technology, and released the Sensory also the technique of cloud-free voice control for audio Bluetooth at a rate of CES 2019.

Where will the product manufacturers to analyze their devices through voice control, which uses the words of activation that is their choice which means that you don’t need to lean on the assistant Alexa or Google Assistant.


I know of

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