Sensor of the Samsung ISOCELL, the new slow-motion Full HD

The subject sensors Samsung ISOCELL, the new slow-motion Full HD appeared on Engadget.

Samsung has clarified a range of Camera Features interesting new the latest sensors camera ISOCELL, which is likely to be present in the phones Galaxy S9’s leading killer.

Thanks to the sensor fast the New of the trio that Samsung will integrate it into their sensors, you’ll be able cameras devices Galaxy next focus faster and more accurately than ever before thanks to the pressure sensor hyperfocal binary pixels. Explains Samsung that the so-called focus Super PD will be able intelligently to determine the area of fast-moving objects even in the dim light for the installation of automatic fastest, most accurate, and these scenes represent a difficulty for most cameras.


Most interesting is confirmation that the sensor ISOCELL of Samsung will be filming the videos in slow motion at 480 frames per second Full HD best 1080p. In comparison, my phone Galaxy S8 S8 plus supports slow motion only at the rate of 240 frame 720 HD; you’ll get double the frame rate at higher resolutions.

Because the sensor is capable of shooting video resolution of up to 480 frames per second 1080p Full HD fine to be able to look on the slow motion rate of 960 frames per second at 720p HD. Sony is the first to submit Twin sensor at a rate of 960 frames per second in the Xperia devices, but the implementation wasn’t good enough. We hope to have a consulting trio of Samsung is able to reduce the time with Sony, and let in slow motion for a longer duration.


These new changes are just the addition to what been leaked, features camera Galaxy S9 a few weeks ago or so, which indicated that the phone will come with a camera of 12 megapixel girl lens variable between f/1.5-f/2.4, which will continue to move between the open and my lens depending on the shooting conditions.

The Samsung has removed the page where all the features mentioned; it is expected to find out more information about my phone Galaxy S9 conference MWC 2018 in the month of February.


The subject sensors Samsung ISOCELL, the new slow-motion Full HD appeared on Engadget.

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