Sensor ISOCELL Slim 3T2 new Samsung designed camera placed in the holes of the screen

Galaxy A8S

Samsung announced the image sensor, the new ISOCELL Slim 3T2 with a focus on small size. According to Samsung, it allows the new uses the technology of ISOCELL PLus your company features accurately 20 megapixels and the size is 1/3.4 inch. According to the company, this is smaller sensor cameras smart phones in the market currently.

This sensor featuring pixel size of 0.8 µm per pixel, and comes with technology integration Tetracell which collects the four pixels to form one pixel to get better results in environments of low lighting. Thus, when there is no much light, the sensor user 5-megapixel camera with pixels the largest size of 1.6 µm per pixel.


Can use ISOCELL Slim 3T2 also as a camera key for the purposes of rounding, in this case filter is used to RGB normal instead of Matrix Tetracell. It reduces the height of the sensor by 7 percent while maintaining the highest accuracy by 60 percent during the approximation of a digital by 10-fold compared with ordinary camera accurately 13 megapixels.

However, the company Samsung to sensor ISOCELL Slim 3T2 designed mostly to be used in the modern smart phones and cameras placed in the holes of the screen because of its small size. It is envisaged that this sensor into mass production in this quarter, is likely to appear in smartphones expected in the near future.


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