Sensor fingerprint in the Galaxy S10 will not work with screen protectors


If you are planning to buy Galaxy S10 or +Galaxy S10 looks forward also to buy a glass protective layer to protect the phone screen for further peace of mind, you may feel disappointed to find out that it appeared today the rumor again that the sensor of the fingerprint that is based on ultrasound which Samsung include on the screens of both the Galaxy S10 and +Galaxy S10 will not work with screen protectors.

As you have probably heard, will be using this sensor, a new fingerprint in all of the Galaxy S10 +and Galaxy S10. It is estimated that the sensor of the fingerprint that will be faster and more reliable than the sensor of the fingerprint of the current. However, there may be a downside in that the sensor is said by the few.

The company announced Armadilotek specialized in the manufacture of protective covers for smartphones on the Twitter network they test their products on Galaxy S10 and tried all the screen protectors without running the sensor of the fingerprint correctly. But may be there is more than we think.

First, we don’t know whether the company had tested all possible materials which have been tested, there are glass and plastic. Also, you could Samsung create a protective screen which will be suitable for its new flagship. Generally, we’ll check everything when will be the Galaxy S10 Series new to the market, it may happen that in the early months next March.


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