Senior analyst: Apple to bring 5G technology to the iPad Pro after the iPhone

It may take Apple some time ago to bring support to networks fifth generation 5G, which began to put up just in all over the world, to computers tablet iPad Pro iPad Pro, according to the statements of the senior analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Ming-Chi Kuo of the company TF International Securities.

Apple had held the settlement on disputes related legal licensing international patents, with Qualcomm earlier this month, so that it can guarantee put the iPhone supportive networks of 5G in 2020.

It is expected to keep the iPad Pro supporting networks fourth generation 4G until later, maybe after 2021, and trying to Apple TV on screen sizes measuring 11 inches, and 12.9 inches in the next generation of tablet devices, with make internal changes designed to improve the network performance before and during the transition from 4G to 5G.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will begin to use a new component called “Color Soft LCP” in the next-generation iPad Pro, which is the first time that used this technology in the production line, where the Apple on the plates of the polymer Crystal Liquid LCP; and to connect the antennas to the wireless with the product.

Designed these panels to assess the loss of signal, increase network performance, and it is supposed to start the use of plates LCP in the versions of iPad Pro, which is entering the stage of mass production in the last quarter of 2019, or the first quarter of 2020.

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But it is not yet clear at this stage being the Apple TV will be for these versions in late 2019, or in the middle of 2020.

Apart from the time it is released, it is clear that Apple used the iPad Pro as a test for the color of the LCP, prior to her arrival to the iPhone later than 2020.

The report of the analyst that the iPad Pro will not have the support networks of the fifth generation 5G, until at least 2021, which means access to phone iPhone the support for this technology by computer, the iPad, and on the reverse the order of the Apple TV for 2012 in relation to the versions of supporting networks of the fourth generation of the iPad and iPhone.

In the absence of support networks 5G, the plates LCP may help the iPad Pro next to provide high performance for LTE Advanced Pro-cellular, or Wi-Fi 6, which has doubles the speed of the wireless connection, even without the full support 5G.

The analyst notes that waiting for the iPad Pro can be attributed to the higher performance expectations of wireless productivity tools, and entertainment, compared to mobile phones, but it may be fun to need Apple to focus its resources in the field of engineering, wireless, tested on iPhone 5G first.

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