Selfie camera Samsung Galaxy A8s will surprise their appearance

It seems that in 2019, the front panel of most smartphones will display. Manufacturers have figured out where to hide the fingerprint scanner on the Huawei Mate 20 and some other flagships it is located under the screen it is not visible. In may the company Samsung took the idea adopted, and recently figured out how to mask self-camera without the use of cutout above the screen. Engineers have applied almost the same approach as the lenses.

According to the famous insider Ice universe, in future Samsung smartphones front camera will be built right into the display. It is noteworthy that the eye is only visible when the camera is activated, and in the rest of the time, the black dot is overlapped by the image on the screen. It turns out that in standby mode the front panel will be smooth and without unnecessary elements.

For the implementation of their ideas, the company uses technology Under Panel Sensor. The idea of engineers is to block the camera OLED matrix, but to do so, if necessary, to the pixels around it was transparent. This will allow the camera freely to capture the frames and do not interfere with normal use of the smartphone.

It is assumed that the first smartphone with a hidden selfie camera will be the Galaxy A8s. It was first mentioned at a press conference on 24 October, but the date of the official announcement is still unknown. Disguised module will also have the flagship Samsung Galaxy S10, the presentation of which will take place in February 2019.

Where you display the camera, is still unknown. The insider suggests that it will be at the top, namely left, right or in the middle. He invited his followers to share which location they consider most appropriate.

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