Sega announces its plans to launch Genesis Mini on the 19th of September

Company Sega to release all of the control units in the games Genesis Mini and Mega Drive Mini on the 19th of September, to come control units with the number 40 game is available in both Japan and the United States in the beginning.

Sega Genesis Mini -games

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Referred Sega during the financial period to its plans to launch a gaming console portable try what Sony presented وNintendo, except that the company delayed the launch of the released product to the market.

Today confirms Sega officially on the launch of the two gaming consoles Genesis Mini and Mega Drive Mini on the 19th of September, is set to launch units in each of the markets of the United States and Japan in the beginning.

Also scheduled to come to new controllers versions dedicated of games, where Sega number 40 game comes from The between them games. Sega classics including Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Shining Force, وGunstar Heroes besides Comix Zone, Space Harrier II, Puyo Puyo 2, and Rent-a-Hero, وCastlevania Bloodlines and also Powerball.

Recall that the new controllers from Sega comes microUSB similar to the PlayStation Mini from Sony, coupled with HDMI support the output content to accurately display 720 pixels, also comes the control arm of the number 6 buttons with the control panel Genesis favorite players.

Also supports control modules-save feature within the game, and also come right to the pressure, as applicable, gaming console priced at $ 60 with controller one, 80 $ with two of the control arm in the games.


I know of

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