See through walls is possible with artificial intelligence

Developed a team from the University of Boston, one of the artificial intelligence systems under the name “RF-Rose” which can the user see the folders through the walls and the representation of the movements of the people again during the walk or sit or when you stop the movement.

Using this new technology to what has been presented previously in this area from the University of Tokyo, Japan, in the field of design “specialty” computing, “ICCP“. Can the technique of “RF-Rose,” analysis of the shadows after its isolation from the body moving, export, camera hidden sex with rebuilt back through the algorithms to sophisticated computer.

See through walls

Said shell and spokesman for the lab said that the filming of any scene from behind the barrier can provide a vision of a predictive scenario of a real post, adding that this modern technology will determine the breakthrough in the world of international navigation and rescue, as most of the problem areas of the former consists in the inability to see beyond the visual acuity or incentives in general.

And enhancing the techniques of the previous devices use sophisticated analysis of the signals produced by objects wirelessly, and re-assembled in the stereoscopic non-material mimics the movement of the Body Shop targeting dynamically sophisticated.


According to experts, such techniques will be useful to do it in medical fields, particularly the psychological ones being the area of dealing with things invisible or physical, such as Parkinson’s disease or Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s or memory loss is acquired, in other words, all that is required to monitor the patient closely for a more accurate diagnosis.

And I learned some monastery housed the elderly apply their system to the needs of this category of people due to the refusal of many of them keep under surveillance human and prefer to live more independently, and will be the launch of the network neuron takes its data from the case of the initial patient or developed to work with her training, can a neural network predict behavior issued by the person during periods of the day.

الرؤية عبر الجدران ممكنة مع الذكاء الاصطناعي

As expressed by security agencies welcomed the presence of such technologies because they will continue to work crews great effort in regard to control of security from behind the table and examine and distinction people suspected through the analysis of their movements and compare them with the information recorded movement in neural networks which has analyzed the behavior of the carriers of weapons and dangerous materials by.

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