Security researcher claims that your Google Home Hub not secure the presence of the implementation of the

I had device Google Home Hub, which is the first step for Google in the market of smart speakers with screen, and commendable in the audits carried out, with it came; and unlike the competitors, but the camera. It is justified by the company during an event announcing the device that came to maintain the privacy of users.

But it seems that the words of Google for its commitment to the safety of the users did not convince security experts, as said one of the security researchers that the device is safe, and the reason for that is the operating system used by the company.

Although the early sound smart with a display, as known as “smart screens” Smart Display, running Android Things, such as the JBL Link View and Lenovo Smart Display, however, Google opted to use the platform Google Cast Platform in the operation of the Google Home Hub instead.

For that reason, said security researcher Jerry jumbo that using the Google Cast Platform leaves Google Home Hub is vulnerable to attack because of some security vulnerabilities, as demonstrated Gumbel how you can control the device remotely by using interface software development API non-secure had discovered previously in the organs of the Chromecast and the Google Home.

For its part, Google denied the allegations of jumbo two proven security Google Home Hub, particularly after the earlier fixes the gap, but it seems that the reform was not as it should be.

Google said in a statement: “the allegations of the modern on the security on the Google Home Hub is accurate. They are using the APIs mentioned in these claims by mobile apps create device and can be accessed only when these apps and the Google Home on the same WiFi network. Notwithstanding the foregoing deed, there is no evidence that user information at risk”.

Of believe Google or researcher security? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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