Security no: created a universal way of hacking Android smartphone

Fragmentation has always been the main problem of Android, which significantly stopper is the development of the operating system. Because of the wide range of assemblies all the games and apps that came to Google Play, could not work equally well on all devices with Android, has suffered a level of protection for users and producers lose your credibility in the eyes of their customers. But at some point fragmentation is beginning to benefit, making it impossible to create a universal hacking tool Android-based smartphones, such as iOS. But not for long music played.

The researchers of the Israeli company Cellebrite, known for creating tools for hacking the iPhone, said that they managed to create a universal device to bypass the security of most modern Android smartphones. The newest development was named UFED Premium and, according to its creators, is capable of retrieving data from memory is locked even smartphone.

What smartphones can be hacked

  • iPhone
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Huawei
  • Honor
  • LG
  • Xiaomi

In fact, as said in the Cellebrite, a list of devices that are subject to breaking in with UFED Premium is considerably broader and will expand even more as you conduct the necessary research.

How to recover deleted data on Android

Cellebrite did not disclose the methodologies used by the UFED Premium, but said that the tool can bypass the lock on an Android smartphone, regardless of the length of the password, which he protected. For UFED Premium is not only able to remove the stored data and recover deleted.

It is assumed that UFED Premium will be used by law enforcement agencies who require the evidence base contained in smartphones detainees and suspects in crimes. Often this information greatly facilitates the investigation, allowing to prove the guilt or innocence of the accused at the stage of preliminary investigation.

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